our new 26" city racer with global aspirations

a compact lightweight frame fitted with disc brakes and 2-speed inner gear hub

basic diamond frame

integrated ABUS lock frame

Easy access frame

The world’s first intelligent commuter bike


The 3 series is available in 2 different frame sizes, a 26” (only 7-speed) and 28”

The 28” model is suitable for riders with a body length over 1.75m (5,74ft). Having doubts? Double check by measuring your stand over height, which should be at least 80cm (2.62ft) from heel to crotch. The 26” frame is a perfect fit to riders with a body length under 1.75m (5.74 ft).


The choice is yours, choose between pure simplicity or additional comfort.
  • archetypically Amsterdam, go for a Shimano single speed hub, perfect for flat compact city use.
  • San Francisco suitability, add a Shimano nexus 7 speed integrated hub for excellent control and flexibility in modestly mountainous regions.
Please note: the 7 speed series is standard supplied with a Shimano roller brake at the front and at the rear.We also integrated a bell onto the left brake lever.


Are you ready for our traditional rear coaster brake or do you want to be in total control with the Shimano roller brake system?

The single speed models come standard with a rear coaster brake. You can always choose to add an additional front roller brake for extra stopping power. The 7- speed models are equipped with a front and rear Shimano roller brake for extra control and stopping power, it has a freewheel as well so you can backpedal all you like.We also integrated a bell onto the left brake lever.


Fully anodized and a real lightweight

The VANMOOF frame is a real lightweight, made out of aluminium and fully anodized. This unique treatment not only improves durability but simultaneously creating the distinctive VANMOOF look without the use of additional paints. The addition of only stainless steel parts make your VANMOOF urban proof!


Choose your handlebar set-up for a smooth ride around town.
  • flat bar, for that sporty, race-you-to-the-bar-set-up.
  • comfort bar, for that distinguished Dutch-statesman-ride.

Add extra front brake

Add a Tektro V Brake for extra stopping power, when a coaster brake is just not enough. The set comes together with a brake lever and a tailor made new grip.

Rear carrier

Fits bicycle bags and all your additional rear carrier goodness.

maximum carrier capacity: 25 kg

Black Box

A stylish but yet so efficient accessory to carry all your goodies.

maximum carrier capacity: 10 kg

Dimensions: 355mm x 351mm x 192mm

Sexy Waitress

The most lovely waitress out there. Made out of aluminium and wood she will be a real eye catcher!

maximum carrier capacity: 10 kg

Dimensions: 360mm x 360mm x 120mm

Mr. Red

Please meet MR. Red. He loves to carry your stuff around.

maximum carrier capacity: 10 kg

Dimensions: 400mm x 300mm x 125mm


The bambooman is a wooden carrier with bamboo outer layers, featuring two elastic cords which can be attached to different notches. You choose how you arrange the cords. This means you’ll be able to carry many different things, big and small!

maximum carrier capacity: 10 kg

Dimensions: 320 mm x 280 mm x 150 mm

change to the comfort handlebar

for that distinguished old Dutch statesman ride.

change to the flat handlebar

for the race to the café.


configure your ultimate urban bicycle



add carrier



Redefines intelligent urban commuting release date July 2014

The VANMOOF Electrified represents the next leap forward in our VANMOOF mission to empower urban commuters worldwide.

The world’s first intelligent commuter bike, the VANMOOF Electrified learns from advances in the car industry and combines GPS tracking, smart power control and a lightweight, integrated battery.

The first hand-build series will be available in small quantities in July 2014. To secure your VANMOOF Electrified please pre-order yours directly online. We organize your shipment in July.